American College of Health Care Administrators

Focused on long-term care leaders, the ACHCA provides members with “educational programming, professional certification, and career development.”


American College of Healthcare Executives

With a dedication to improving healthcare delivery, the ACHE is the “premier professional society for healthcare executives


Healthcare Financial Management Association
With members working in all areas of the healthcare system, HFMA strives to be a “leader on top trends and issues facing the healthcare industry.


Local Area Demand/Decline Occupations

Discover which occupations are "in demand" or "not in demand." Click on an occupation title to get a job description, wages, employment projections and educational requirements.



Medical Group Management Association

MGMA is membership association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practices.


National Patient Safety Foundation


 A central voice for patient safety since 1997, NPSF partners with patients and families, the health care community, and key stakeholders to advance patient safety and health care workforce safety and disseminate strategies to prevent harm.


The Public Librry of Science (PLOS)

Open access for reading, educationg and applying.  Readers do not need a subscription or to pay a one-time fee or register before they can access their articles. Educators, students, clinicians, researchers, patients, and policy makers worldwide can access and use the content without barriers of cost or access control.


PLOS Medicine provides free access to high-quality, reliable medical research to the public and world’s physicians with a focus on diseases that take the greatest global toll. Community Journals PLOS Computational BiologyPLOS Genetics and PLOS Pathogens prove Open Access in specialized areas and value in drawing expertise from the scientific community for author experience improvements.














Washington Employment and Economic Information


Data and analysis of Washington state's employment conditions, economy, job market and work force. View county profiles, industry trends, and monthly employment reports. Recently published reports include: Quarterly Census of Emplyment and Wages, Washington Employment Estimates and Current Employment Statistics.


Find information and data to help you develop a business plan, make marketing and hiring decisions, write job descriptions, decide where to expand your business and determine wages for your employees.


Visit the WA State Employment Security Department.



Health Resources and Services Administration - Health Workforce


HRSA develops shortage designation criteria and uses them to determine if a geographic area, population group or facility is a Health Professional Shortage Area or Medically Underserved Area or Population. Health Professions grants improve access to health care by addressing some of the most pressing needs across the U.S. health workforce.


HRSA is also helping veterans translate the health care skills gained during their enlistment into civilian medical professions. Visit Website



Gateway to Health Communications & Social Marketing Practice


There are many tools you can use to develop your health communication and social marketing campaigns and programs, and many templates and shortcuts that can save you time and make your campaigns and outreach more successful.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has links that will help you discover the best and most effective tools and templates for your health communication and social marketing campaigns. Visit Website



Institute for Healthcare Improvement


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), an independent not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a leading innovator, convener, partner, and driver of results in health and health care improvement worldwide.


They create dynamic opportunities for health care professionals to learn from, collaborate with, and be inspired by expert faculty and colleagues throughout the world. Their professional development programs — including conferences, seminars, and audio and web-based programs — inform every level of the workforce, from executive leaders to front-line staff.


The IHI Open School is committed to developing students through free online courses and an international network of chapters. For all who join us in improving health care, we provide a wealth of free content through our website, and our audio program, WIHI.


IHI also works with a wide range of entities — whether health care facilities, entire health care systems, or governments — to help them achieve significant results in quality, safety, and innovation. We collaborate with these change agents on the front lines of care to accelerate improvement in vital areas, including maternal and neonatal health, end-of-life care, avoidable hospital readmissions, waste and cost reduction, person- and family-centered care, and the spread of the Triple Aim. Visit Website