Health Care Personnel Shortage Task Force

In 2003, the Legislature passed Engrossed Senate House Bill 1852 directing the Workforce Board to continue convening the Health Care Personnel ShortageTask Force, to monitor progress on the state plan
and reportto the Legislature annually.

The Task Force holds public meetings at least twice a year to oversee progress on achieving the goals and strategies of the plan. Progress is tracked through outcome measures.

The goal of the Health Care Personnel Shortage Task Force is to address the severe current and projected shortages of health care personnel in Washington State. The Task Force has 20 members, representing business, labor, education, and government. The Task Force outlines and regularly updates a strategic plan with actions for the Legislature, state and local agencies, educators, labor, health care industry  employers, and workers should take to close the gap.

What is the Task Force plan for addressing health care personnel shortages?

The Task Force plan outlines six goals:

  1. Increase educational capacity and efficiency in health care training programs to enable more people to gain qualification to work in health care occupations.
  2. Recruit more individuals, especially targeted populations, into health care occupations and promote adequate preparation prior to entry.
  3. Develop a data collection and analysis system to assess health workforce supply and demand.
  4. Retain current health care workers.
  5. Enable local communities to implement strategies to alleviate the health care personnel shortage in their areas.
  6. Develop a mechanism to ensure continued collaboration among stakeholders, track progress, create accountability for fulfilling this plan, and to plan for future health workforce needs.

What are Task Force priorities?

  1. Project the future demand for health care personnel.
  2. Plan for the future to avoid shortages or an oversupply.
  3. Recruit diverse populations to specific professions.

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