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The Histology Zoomer allows you to view images of tissues from microscope slides used in Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at YVCC.  This online histology atlas contains basic histology slides and more specific slides from different organ systems.  It allows you to navigate around and magnify the pictures. The goal is to provide realistic images at magnifications that are used in lab.

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Slides for BIOL 230 (Human A&P I)


Self-guided Histology Image Libraries

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Dichotomous Key for Learning Basic Tissues:  Click this link to download a method that guides you through logical choices that you can use to determine what kind of tissue you are looking at. 




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Histology TutorIntegument TutorEndocrine Histology Tutor









--Click on the links below to test your histology knowledge. 

--The questions for each slide will be on the right side of the screen. 

-- Select the slide that you want to view from the pull-down box. 

--Feel free to zoom in slightly on these images.  Your eye picks out details under a microscope that may be slightly harder to see on the screen, so zooming in some will be more like what you could actually make out under the microscope.

--When you are finished, click on the link below the Zoomer for answers to the quiz. 







  Organ System Histology (Human A&P II)




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