Cr Course Course Title
5 IT101 Introduction to Information Technology
5 IT103 Operating Systems
3 IT104 Internet—Essentials
5 IT110 Computer Programming—Introduction
2 IT111 Spreadsheet—Introduction
2 IT115 Database—Introduction
3 IT120 PowerPoint—Introduction
4 IT140 Network Fundamentals
5 IT160 Managing and Maintaining the PC
1 IT161 Computer Room Maintenance I
5 BA115 Business Math
5 BA138 Business Communications
2 BA220 Human Relations in the Workplace
5 BA253 Cyberlaw in Business


5 BUS&201 Business Law
5 BA259 Fundamentals of E-Commerce
2 BTECH160 Beginning Word Processing
54 Total certificate will be 54 credits.

Completion of this certificate will enable students to seek employment and/or continue with an Information Technology degree as most of the classes in the certificate requirements compose the Information Technology core requirements.