Cooperative Work Experience Information For Students

YVCC’s Cooperative Work Experience program enables you to earn college credit while getting valuable on-the-job experience. The following information is provided to help you understand how Co-op can work for you.

What Is Cooperative Work Experience?

The Cooperative Work Experience program offers you the opportunity to earn college credit by working in a job that is related to your major area of study. Co-op opens the door to expanded learning experiences through exposure to actual work situations, organizational relationships, and equipment and techniques that cannot be duplicated in the classroom

Cooperative Work Experience is a requirement to graduate from programs such as Information Technology, and is available for credit to qualifying students enrolled in YVCC programs

Why Should I Participate In Co-Op?

Explore jobs and careers related to your college studies

Improve your professional confidence and job skills

Gain hands-on job experience to put on your resume

Earn money to help pay your college expenses

Have an opportunity to work with equipment not available on campus

Make valuable employer contacts and increase chances for a full-time job after graduation

Because you have to :)

What Do I Have To Do For Co-Op Credit?

Secure a job related to your program of study


See your instructor if you have questions about this


Set and accomplish 5 measurable learning objectives designed to improve job performance (with the help of your Co-op instructor and work supervisor)


Get started by contacting a program instructor or Co-op instructor before the term in which you would like to enroll


Attend the Orientation meeting on the date indicated in the YVCC schedule

After meeting, obtain code and register

What Are My Responsibilities As A Co-Op Employee?

You will be informed by your employer of company policies. You must conform to these rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in corrective and/or disciplinary action by your employer and will be reflected in your evaluation. The employer has the right to discharge students for just cause. Personal appearance, dressing appropriately, and attendance are extremely important.

If the assignment is changed significantly by the employer, making the job inappropriate for your learning objectives, contact your Co-op instructor.