In the Web Technologist degree, students will learn to design, implement, and maintain websites, using industry software. The students will also learn how to administer and maintain a web server.

Cr Course Course Title Comment
4 IT130 Web Page Authoring – HTML
4 ART101 Design I
4 IT135 Photoshop
3 IT232 Flash Prerequisite: IT 102 & IT 104
3 IT233 Dreamweaver
3 IT234 JavaScript Prerequisite: IT 130
3 IT237 PHP/My SQL Prerequisite: IT 115.
5 IT236 Web Server Administration Prerequisite: IT 130 & IT 140
5 IT275 CGI/PERL Prerequisite: IT 130. Recommended Math 095 and/or one higher-level programming language.
5 IT230 JAVA Prerequisite: IT 110 with a grade of "C" or better.

The total program will be a 59 credit core and 39 credits of degree specific classes for a total of 98 credits.